Bhutan Tourism

Bhutan Tourism  was initiated  in  1974 by Royal Government of Bhutan  coinciding  with  the  coronation  of  the  Fourth  King  Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Bhutan Tourism adopted a policy of high value low volume without affecting environment & culture and fulfilling the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH). Royal Government of Bhutan took initiative in development of  infrastructure and till now it is on high  priority  particularly  in  upgrading  the facilities  and  services  of  hotels, resorts, high quality training of guides in the  country. Bhutan is good example to other countries in the world for sustainable eco-tourism and inspired by the Buddhist view of the interdependence between man and nature.

The concept of Gross National Happiness(GNH) is unique in modern world which makes Bhutan Tourism into high value, low volume which my guest ask  to follow the concept and eventually led to be sensitive to social, cultural, and environmental system that is trying to preserve  our best traditions and culture in this modern changing world. Our government is doing best to safeguard heritage sites in all places of Bhutan for development of Bhutan tourism.

Bhutan Tourism is important revenue earner to our national exchequer to support free health care and free education to all Bhutanese. Every guest coming to and staying in Bhutan for single night also a contributor to each Bhutanese. From US$250 per person per night US$65 is deducted at source for be benefit for citizens of Bhutan. Bhutan tourism policy is avoiding from beginning the negative impacts of mass tourism. Mountaineering is closed in Bhutan because due to negative impact to environment and till date many mountaineers are eagerly waiting to conquer the virgin mountains of Bhutan. About 70% of the land in Bhutan is covered by forest and Bhutan aims to preserve its majesty. Bhutan Tourism Department maintains high standard of hospitality and services in Bhutan and maintain high quality of tourist destination in the world.

Bhutan Tourism Industry has more than 400 guides and 300 travel agents to cater the Bhutan tourism services. Bhutan Tourism is the second largest revenue earner in Bhutan after hydro power generation. In Bhutan we have Tourism development committee and it was formed it the year 2000 for guiding the development of Bhutan Tourism.  ABTO (The Association of Bhutan Tour Operators is responsible for improving the quality of Bhutan Tour operators and Bhutan travel agents.