Travel Tips

The best time to visit

Bhutan is an all season destination. Spring and summer fill the landscape with myriad flora and fauna. Autumn casts a bright golden glow on the landscape. The crisp winter air and the clear skies make it ideal for capturing some of the best mountain views. And all year round, there is a unique sense of peace and contentment in the environment marked by traditional festivities as people celebrate their festivals in ancient local traditions.

Bhutan is about an authentic experience. We would like to invite you to visit and experience, first hand, Bhutan’s beauty, nature, culture, and hospitality.


Winter months offer crisp views of the majestic mountain covered by snow. Clear blue skies dominate this season though evenings can be chilly.

Summer is also popular as villages come to life where visitors can witness hive of activity as farmers’ plant and harvest their crops. Summer months provide wonderful opportunity for visitors to understand the life of a farmer.