Why Travel with Us

For over five years we have been in Tour and Travel business pioneering new approaches and providing quality services to our guest coming to Bhutan that guarantee your expectations and meeting your needs. Our professional staffs have extensive knowledge of Bhutan. Many Guest have traveled to Bhutan with us.

1.      Good Value for Money

We don't claim to have the lowest prices on the Internet or quote we provide to you for our product and services. In Bhutan Government regulate the tourist tariff.  If you searched the web and ask for quote you probably find may find lower prices than us but that makes difference in getting quality services when you get the final services from the end. While coming to Bhutan it is better to go direct to the travel agents in Bhutan and get direct tariff and discount avoiding middle agent d for your better deal.

2.      Enjoy red-carpet treatment from us.

Quality, expertise and professionalism—that’s what you get from Bhutan Himalayan Holidays. You need to Travel in style and enjoy dazzling hotels of Bhutan and attentive hosts who continually go the extra mile. Vacations come and go, but we make sure your travel memories last throughout your life. While travelling to Bhutan you always pay the same or less as when booking direct and you don't pay extra for our services we provide. We meet your need and expectations.

3.      The Personal Difference

We are personally involved in the design of your trip or Tour in coordination with local field staff and many people around us. When you call or e-mail to us we provide all details of information and provide enough information. We will help you choose the right trip with customize itinerary that meets your personal interests and style.

4.      Enjoy highest standards of Bhutanese hospitality

We Bhutanese are proud to be Gross National Happiness country. We provide high standard of hospitality to our guest coming to Bhutan. Travelling consumes a lot of energy. We understand this and make sure that your enthusiasms never get dimmed. We make sure your Bhutan travel memories last a lifetime. We don’t leave a single stone unturned to make it happen. We seek out small, boutique hotels and lodges and even home stays where native culture is strong and you can enjoy regional cuisine and experience traditional lifestyle. Designed in indigenous style that fit into their environs naturally, our accommodations deliver charm, amenities and native warmth.

5.      Comfort and Safety

Bhutan is proud to one of the safe Place in the world with pristine environment. Prepare to immerse yourself, secure in your health and safety. Relax and enjoy the experiences of native culture and pristine wilderness environments confident of our exceptional accommodations, good guides,transportation, hygiene and security, and the support of our professional in-country outfitters.

6.      Professional local guides

Bhutan Tourism is monitored by Government. Local guides are trained by skilled professionals. The direct involvement of local guides in organizing and leading your tour in Bhutan assures you will have an exceptionally informative, well-executed, and authentic experience of Bhutan.

7.      Like-minded Travelers

By creating more personal, in-depth and meaningful life enhancing travel experiences we consistently attract active and inquisitive travelers of all ages.

8.      Online technology

Get instant pricing and availability on our wide range of tours & Treks. Customize your trip to Bhutan. Book your trip online after get right information. Send us your requirements and we will create your dream trip to Bhutan