Winter Hot Bonanza

As winter kisses the land, Bhutan gets painted with the snow-capped mountains, welcomes Black-necked Crane to its winter land, yet another spectacular view. The chilly fresh air will brush your face as you first put your step in Bhutan.Breath in as you walk to some of the most scenic valleys, hikes through the woods to historic monasteries and unveil the stories to its unique architectures. As winter plays its role, submerge yourself into the hot stone bath, toast with a local ara (wine) and ease yourself to the enchanting Bhutanese music. It gets even better with the Bhutanese cuisine of hot Ema datshi (Chilli Cheese), red rice and butter tea that will beat the cold weather. Holidays summon for more Archeries, Local Dart, Soccer, and the choice is yours, whether you want to witness or take part in it. And if lucky enough, snows at 3116 meters above sea level. Explore, enjoy and relax. Life is beautiful, so is Bhutan!